Violins for the Next Stage

Violin by Virgilio Cappellini

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Cremona, Italy, 1974. Length of Back: 355 mm – $10,000

A Stradivari model in excellent condition by a fine modern Italian maker. This violin has a bright, bold tone suitable to large concert halls and lends itself easily to solo playing.

Violin by Albert Deblaye

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Paris, 1924. Length of Back: 359 mm  – $8,500

A French Stradivari model violin with a gorgeous two-piece back in nearly perfect condition with comfortable playing proportions and a clear, bright sound.

Violin by Etienne Laprevotte

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Paris, 1822. Length of Back: 359 mm – $9,000

An extremely well-preserved French violin with a sweet, somewhat dark tone.

Violin by Louis Dolling, Jr.

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Markneukirchen, c.1890. Length of Back: 359 mm$8,500

A wonderful example of fine Markneukirchen workmanship with a bold, sophisticated sound.

 Violin by August Gemunder

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New York, 1912. Length of Back: 356 mm$10,000

The maker’s long pattern Stradivari model with a one-piece back of dramatically flamed American slab-cut maple.

Violin by Otto Glaesel

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Markneukirchen, 1885. Length of Back: 362 mm$10,000

A “Red Violin” by an exceptionally talented maker with a lengthy inscription from the maker on the interior of the instrument.

Violin by Heinrich E. Heberlein

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Markneukirchen, 1921. Length of Back: 359 mm$4,200

The Heberlein Workshop operated from the 1890’s until the late 1920’s and was arguably the most well-respected large workshop of the time in Markneukirchen. This particular violin is a Stradivari model with a beautifully flamed one-piece back.

Violin by John Juzek

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Prague, 1936.  Length of Back: 356 mm – $8,500

This famous workshop’s “Master Art” Gagliano model. Beautiful antiquing and a powerful, bright tone make this violin stand out.

 Violin by William Moenning I

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Philadelphia, 1919. Length of Back: 360 mm$8,000

A rare example of the work of the founder of the Moennig shop in Philadelphia.

Violin by Paul Doerfel

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Markneukirchen, 1930. Length of Back: 357 mm – $11,000

An elegant semi-antiqued Carlo Testore model made under the maker’s Italianized pseudonym “Eulo Dorfino” for the Moennig shop.

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